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Takım toplantısı

Who are we?

We are a team that has managed financial affairs at a high level in reputable companies of the sector, created the architectural design of financial processes, established financial accounting automation, designed and managed large budgets, cash flow and financial strategic plans, and served as senior managers in banks.

We excitedly share our 25 years of experience in amateur spirit with companies and entrepreneurs with high potential for change.

Our Core values  

Your success is our Core Value.

  • Excellence: Being the best at our service. To offer our clients more than their expectations.

  • Honesty: Being honest, especially with ourselves. Being ethical and moral.

  • Innovation: Researching the latest processes and technology. Willing to try the new, take measured risks, and learn from failure.

  • Initiative: We aimed for quality leadership in the market. Taking initiative to meet client needs and exceed expectations.

  • People : Being a team that respects each other, learns from each other, grows stronger and is happy together with the client.

Our Business Partners

Finansal Yönetim Ofisi expands its services through strong partnerships.


Finansal Yönetim Ofisi, works with business stakeholders who are well known in their field in order to provide services that can be easily integrated with our clients' existing infrastructures.

Koray Yalçınkaya / Financial Management Lead

Companies need financial management to maintain their success in business. High level financial management requires expensive budget and does not always guarantee success. By this motivation and my 25 years of experience I founded Finansal Yönetim Ofisi for providing high level financial affairs services for small and medium sized companies having affordable budgets.

I started my business life as financial auditor, continued as Finance Manager, Budgeting Reporting Group Manager and Financial Affairs Directors in Baymak Makina, Berko İlaç, Efesan Grup and Emin Holding Group Companies.


I managed annual cash flow of 1.5 billion USD and projected these flows for 10 years.


I managed ERP projects in different sectors. Main responsible of financial operations, conceptual design and adaptation. Contribute many technology-based change processes as financial affairs expert.

I have a research paper as ‘Effects of Leadership Behaviors on Employees' Change Potential. I have bachelor degree in Economics and graduate degree in Business Administration and hold CPA license.

Harun Karakuş /Financial Technologies Lead

Untitled design (10)_edited_edited.jpg

I began to work as corporate internal auditor in Anadolu Grubu Holding and its group companies.  After that, I gained experience in managerial position in different financial affairs position in Healthcare, Mining, Logistics, Financial Organization companies.

Since then, I have been contributing financial and operational development of local and international companies operating in variety of sectors.

I was graduated from Middle East Technical University, Dept. of Business Administration. I have CPA License, CMA – Certified Management Accountant and CIA – Certified Internal Auditor certificates.


You can trust me on the automatization of financial records and reporting by using financial technology products and software.

Şenay Komşu / Accounting Operations Lead


I worked in various positions in financial auditing and tax consultancy for 20 years. I carried out Tax assurance audits and special purpose audits of industrial, service and commercial companies, including ISO top 500 companies. I experienced the accounting processes, workflows and methods of different sectors and companies. This provided me with a more potential professional background. ​ I contributed to companies' tax legislation compliance processes, legislation monitoring, information, guidance, interpretation and implementation.

I graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Administration. I have a CPA License.

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