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Sector Projects

We have perfected global logistics operation processes with artificial intelligence technologies developed with NLP and ICR.

We developed the Human Resources Budget projection as a WEB-based application for the service sector.

Service Sector

The subjective nature of the effort and expense distribution in service production makes the determination of the service price quite complex.

Finansal Yönetim Ofisi increases cost control and efficiency by determining the service effort and expense items with Benchmarking. It creates the methodology for calculating the competitive sales price. 

Commercial Sector

Commercial product cost is a complex process that covers the price of the goods and the expenses incurred until they reach the stocks, and includes hidden costs such as exchange rate effects and stock costs. 

The Financial Management Office creates the methodology to determine commercial product costs in the most realistic way. Thus, it keeps your costs under control and ensures that your sales price is competitive.  

Production Sector

Product cost calculation is a complex process needs analysis of; quantity, currency rates and price changes with considering of bill of material, business plan, cost types, cost centers and production capacity.

Finansal Yönetim Ofisi creates the best methodology to determine the cost of any product in a most realistic way. By this way, costs are controlled and sales prices become competitive.

Modern Office bussinessman

Other Sectors

We provide complete services for businesses operate in different sectors. In what area your company operates Finansal Yönetim Ofisi has automation and facilitation solutions for your finance operations.

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